Terry Harlow

Terry Harlow is Bringing the Past to the Present With Paleolithic Pipes. Harlow’s career as an artist began in the 1970s after studying in Denmark and returning home with a passion for bookbinding. Having found success in his field, Harlow specialized in paper marbling, or, decorated ends appearing in old books — typically of psychedelic and multicolored nature. Today he’s on a mission to integrate the traditional nature of Shaman pipe making.

Lisa Silver Crow Perreault

Lisa Silver Crow Perreault is a Native American pipe carver from the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut (02395).

Lisa has spent decades teaching different arts and crafts including work with clay and mixed media.  This experience has translated into pipe carving and has influenced her pipe designs.

You will see a lot of Eastern Woodland Indian influences and shapes incorporated in her pipe designs.